10 best restaurants in Lisbon | Picked by locals

Our favourite places to eat in the city

One of our biggest loves for Lisbon (and Portugal in general) concerns food. Personally, whenever I come back to the city after a trip away, my favourite thing to do is to go and have a bite in one of Lisbon’s great restaurants. As food lovers, we figured the first blog post on our website should be about this. So, here you go, our list of the best restaurants in Lisbon.

Family-run, cozy and typical restaurant in Alcântara, on the west side of Lisbon. Perfect after a day strolling along the river, or LX Factory. This restaurant serves Portuguese dishes. Think: gambas, bacalhau, great meat dishes and lovely local wines. Enjoy the intimate atmosphere, with a fun and personal approach by the owners.

We are big fans of all the restaurants of the Portuguese chef, José Avillez, but this one is our favourite. This was the first venue of famous Avillez, nested in the heart of Chiado, with tram 28 passing by. The restaurant serves contemporary Portuguese dishes, in which hints of other international cuisines can be recognised, inspired by the chef’s travels around the world. If you are looking for a good night out in a cozy restaurant, then this should be your pick.

Pizza? In Lisbon? Yes! The last years, many pizzeria’s have opened their doors in the city. For us, Valdo Gatti is the absolute winner. The Italian owners use biological and artisanal products. All the good stuff is there, the crunch, the fresh ingredients, delicious olive oil and even vegan options. Another plus is the cool atmosphere in this great spot amidst of buzzing Bairro Alto. And if you see there is a line, don’t be scared off, they also serve their Italian beers, cocktails and wines outside while you wait for your table.

Yes, we know it is on almost every list you find about food in Lisbon. Yet, that is for a reason. Even us locals like to pass by Ramiro every now and then – however, our preferred hour to go there is around 11 PM for a late night diner, to skip the crowds. We can only applaud how the staff keeps calm in the sometimes chaotic wilderness of the three floors counting restaurant. Great seafood, for a fair price in a no-nonsense setting. That’s how we would describe Ramiro.

If it is an exquisite piece of meat that you are looking for, then this is the best restaurant to go. Their meat comes from the Alentejo region, the province south of Lisbon. But do not expect a typical steakhouse here. The restaurant is stylish, has cozy lightning and is popular among many.

The second Avillez restaurant on our list (and actually this building hosts three restaurants inside), but we couldn’t leave this one out. This amazing place consists of Taberna do Avillez, which offers a sharing-concept, Patéo, with a focus on seafood, and Beco Cabaret Gourmet, a spectacular diner show. There is something for everyone here!

This is quite a local tip. You probably won’t find a lot of tourists here but this is a favourite among Lisboetas. Do not expect a cozy dining venue but see it as an authentic experience. This restaurant has been around for ages and once you enter you have the feeling you go back in time a bit. Sitting at the long bar, you can order food until 3 AM. The waiters are dressed formally and serve you typical Portuguese dishes of great quality.

Hidden in a small street between Alfama and Santa Apolónia, resides restaurant Sal Grosso. It is a small place, with just a few tables. The menu is written on the chalkboard en differs from time to time. The one constant factor is the great quality of the food. We always enjoy coming here and it is a perfect place to have a cozy lunch or diner.

If you fancy something different than Portuguese food, this cute Italian restaurant is a great pick. Expect impeccable Italian food (but no pizza’s!) such as meatballs, beetroot pasta and perfectly prepared vegetables in a charming environment. Seriously, this is one of the best Italians in Lisbon!

Finishing the list with a famous one: a cevicheria. Who doesn’t love some good Ceviche? Well we do. And for that, this restaurant is still the place to be. Of course you can try ceviche in various other restaurants as well, but the quality and variety found here is unique. Located in one Principe Réal, with lots of fun bars and shops around, this is a great place to stop for a bite.

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