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5 Tips for a Special Valentine’s Day in Lisbon

Wondering what you can do with your partner on Valentine’s Day in Lisbon?

Are you the type of person that likes to keep Valentine’s Day more intimate, and special? Wel, then we are here to give you some ideas!

LisBeyond’s Team enjoys simplicity in intimacy. Many of us enjoy planning something small and meaningful during Valentine’s Day, during any date night! Nothing more romantic than effort, am I right?!

With that shall we start with a little list of things that you and yours will love?

1. Picnic Dates

A picnic is a wonderful idea at any occasion! You can save time waiting for a table or making reservations by bringing your own comfort food and, of course, a bottle of Portugal’s renowned Vinho Verde wine. If you don’t like putting together your own picnic basket, you can always check out Ant’s Basket, a caterer we highly recommend, to purchase whatever foods you prefer. The cost may vary depending on what you want and how big you want it.

Best spots to go for a picnic in Lisbon are:

  1. Tapada das Necessidades, one of the forgotten parks of Portugal. It only recently returned to being one of Lisbon’s trendiest attractions. Take some time during your picnic to go around the park grounds; you’ll be surprised by what you might discover! The cactus garden is the highlight of the Necessidades park. Many of the cacti tower over the visitors who stand and look at them!
  2. The Gulbenkian Park, actually refers to the garden at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, which is located on the property. On the weekends, and particularly on Valentine’s Day, this park can get rather crowded. We advise visiting early in the day because the flora in this park quickly makes this area resemble a labyrinth of nature. Because of this, a lot of people enjoy taking walks here, especially for picnics! Additionally, the park’s gates close at 7.30 P.M, at which point it becomes private property. Morning picnic date it is!


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picture of tapada das necessidades park

Tapada das Necessidades Park

picture of the gulbenkian park

The Gulbenkian Park

2. Dates Under The Stars

What could possibly be more romantic than stargazing? You will undoubtedly enjoy a date night at the planetarium if you enjoy the stars and everything sci-fi.

Specifically, Museu de Marinha’s Planetarium Calouste Gulbenkian. This planetarium features a cutting-edge night sky projector and knowledgeable presentations about the solar system. More than 9,000 stars, the Milky Way, star clusters, and nebulae can be seen in this planetarium’s projector, which has 32 star projectors.

So, you would truly mean it when you say, “I will show you the world.” The place where couples in love will get to see the stars together. If the universe isn’t a spectacular date then what is? A date under the stars is the perfect place to slip away a few hours with a special someone. The ticket prices vary by age starting from; Adults (13-64 years old): €7.00 (Marinha, Tickets, 2022.)

(Most Romantic Spots in Lisbon for Foodies, Taste of Lisboa, 2022.)

collage of planitarium in calouste gulbenkian museum

Planetarium Calouste Gulbenkian

3. Books and Coffee Library Dates

An old industrial area that has been transformed into a hipster paradise is Ler Devagar, which is a 1-minute walk from LX Factory. A date there can be lovely! This is the spot for you if you and your special someone enjoy reading and the aesthetics of “booktopia”!

This enormous area is connected by a grand staircase and has several antique printing machines. It also features 2 bars, sculptures including the well-known flying bicycle, and hundreds of books scattered throughout its nooks and walls.

However, this place is more than simply a bookstore; you can also attend events, concerts, and exhibitions here.

Moreover, it’s a perfect spot for drinking coffee, reading a book, exchanging stories, tasting the flavour of the words, and possibly even getting inspired by the atmosphere.

So if you and your special other are book lovers, this is the perfect setting for your Valentine’s Day date! Learn about one another’s taste. Romance has long been a staple of literature. Read your partner’s fantasies—what could be more romantic?

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collage of ler devagar space

Ler Devagar

4. Get “Lost in” Rooftop Dates

If you’re the type that loves to be classy, loves the view from above, and has the taste for quality, then you and yours should definitely go out on a date to “Lost In” Bar & Restaurant. A romantic spot with a terrace & city views; a 3-min walk from the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara.

With its interesting Indian-inspired décor and one of Lisbon’s most distinctive rooftop bars, this is undoubtedly the spot to bring a date!

The environment is serene and vibrant, and they serve some of the best dishes from across the world that have been infused with the best of Portuguese tradition. These dishes are full of flavours, spices, and sensations. They even offer a wine list from Portuguese winemakers and a list of original classic cocktails to complement.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to make their particular someone feel special, stuffed, and content? You must then pick a date here! They offer a Valentine’s Day special, hurry make your reservations! You will not regret the experience, on Thursdays it even has LIVE Jazz music. Get Lost In LOVE!

(The Best Rooftop Bars In Lisbon | Destination Guides | Corinthia Lisbon, Corinthia.)

collage of lostin rooftop

“Lost In” Bar & Restaurant

5. Sunrise Dates

Do you and yours like early morning walks? Then wake your special person next to you, and bring them to watch the magnificent sunrise; in our opinion these 2 special spots:

  1. Miradouro das Portas do Sol, “Miradouro” literally translates to, “Viewpoint” in Portuguese. And this exact viewpoint is said to be a favourite in the city. From this viewpoint you’ll have a grand view over the Alfama district, with the Igreja de São Vicente de Fora on the left, and the Panteão Nacional right in front of you. To make it even more memorable, this is definitely the spot to take your “couple goal” selfies! Don’t end your date there, bring your special someone out for breakfast at “Dear Breakfast”, only 6-min walk away from your spot. It opens everyday at 9 A.M, since the sun rises at 7.30 A.M you’ll definitely have enough time to enjoy each other’s morning embrace!
  2. The Belém Tower, located in: Jardim da Torre de Belém. And the fact that sunrise is the only time of the day where you’ll be able to enjoy the view without crowds of tourists, which is in fact why this viewpoint is highly recommended to go for your morning walk with your person. Alone without the crowd can be the perfect time for a kiss or two! And if you get hungry you can also grab a simple bite nearby at TORRE Sandwich Bar Café, a local place only 6-min walk from the tower.


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picture of miradouro das portas do sol

Miradouro das Portas do Sol

picture of the belem tower

The Belém Tower

Did you find our Valentine’s Day date ideas interesting? Which one will you do with your special someone?

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