Info & House Details

Praça da Alegria 99A, 4000-235 Porto

Name: WelcometoLisbeyond

Password: lisbeyond2018

 Lisbeyond Team

+351 914 073 800

Important Notes

. Smoking, parties and animals are not allowed inside the property

. Standard check-out time is until 11 AM and you can expect our cleaning team to arrive by that time

. Please take a PHOTO of where you leave the keys and send it to us

. Kindly make sure the door is closed after you leave* and all lights are off (the environment is grateful 🌎 !)

. If something happens during your stay (such as maintenance needed, for example), please contact us immediately so that we can try and solve it as soon as possible

*If guests lock themselves out of the property OR they do not place keys in the lockbox (If applicable) at checkout, a 50 euros fee will apply.  If a guest loses a set of keys during their stay, an 80 euros fee will apply.

Practical Information

Tips & Reccomendations

Welcome to Praça da Alegria!

Your apartment is located Fontainhas, in Bonfim. Bonfim is one of the 20 coolest neighbourhoods in the world, according to the editors and journalists of Time Out. Fontainhas, is one of the oldest and most typical areas of the city, located just on top of the Douro River, next to Ponte do Infante.
Just walk down on the street and you will have the most amazing view of the River.

Coffees & Restaurants


Café do Cais

Perfect place to have a coffee, a glass of wine or a glass of port wine enjoying the river and the sun.

Cais da Estiva 101A, 4050-243 Porto


Zenith - Brunch & Cocktails Bar

An all-day brunch served alongside cocktails, coffee & juices in a cool, industrial space.

Praça de Carlos Alberto 86, 4050-158 Porto



A place in Bonfim, with a relaxed atmosphere, tasty pizzas and classic cocktails with a special touch. A local Bonfim, laid back vibe, tasty pizzas, craft beer, signature cocktails.

Av. de Rodrigues de Freitas 287, 4000-421 Porto


Drink Port Wine

Port Wine is a special wine from the Douro region. It's a sweet wine, to drink before or after a meal and it's amazing!

6 Bridges Cruise

Enjoy the beauty of Douro River by travelling on the typical Rabelo Boat along the riverbanks of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. It's truly beautiful.

Important Contacts


National Emergency Number

Nearest Hospital – Hospital de São Francisco do Porto

R. da Bolsa 80, 4050-116 Porto

Phone number – +351 22 206 2100

Nearest Firefighters – Volunteer Firefighters of Porto

R. de Rodrigues Sampaio 145, 4000-065 Porto

Phone number – +351 22 205 5845

Nearest Pharmacy – Farmácia Moreno             

Largo São Domingos 44, 4050-545 Porto

Open form 9 AM to 8 PM

Phone Number – +351 22 200 3545

Nearest Police Station – PSP – 9th Police station

Praça do Infante Dom Henrique, 4050-116 Porto

Phone number – +351 22 207 3370

Tourism Office

R. de Mouzinho da Silveira 326 360, 4000-069 Porto


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