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How To Get Around Lisbon

Are You Visiting Lisbon and Need Some Helpful Travel Tips?

If you are travelling to Lisbon for the first time or even looking to stay in the city for long and you are looking for helpful tips to guide your through the city, then we suggest to continue reading this blog. We have five important tips and a recommendation you will definetly appreciate when going around Lisbon.

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Take The Tram and Experience The City

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Lisbon’s trams are truly iconic and the highlight of the city. There are two distinct types of trams: the historic “Remodelado” and the modern Siemens “Articulado” trams. The Remodelado trams are the quaint yellow trams. The quaint yellow trams will take you on the most scenic route, the E28 route, which passes through the historic centre of Lisbon. These particular trams are vintage and definitely something that you should experience when in Lisbon.

The Articulado tram only operate along E15 which connects central Lisbon to Bélem disctrict, which is the best method to travel there.

Get To Know Lisbon's Metropolitan Area


The metro is the best way to go around the metropolitan city of Lisbon to avoid traffic and delayed buses, plus you can download the map on your phone! But be careful make sure to remember your stops and where you can transfer.


All you have to do is remember the metro lines, there’s only four metro lines, and those are:

  • Amarela – Yellow Line
  • Azul – Blue Line
  • Verde – Green Line
  • Vermelha – Red line


The link below will provide you all the information you need, plus if you are visiting for more than a week, we advice you to get a transportation card with a subcription. It is much more affordable and a hassle free from the long queues at the ticketing counter or the ticket machines.

Rent Affordable and Accessible E-Bikes

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In recent years, many bike lanes have been constructed across the city, making cycling much easier. Walking around all of the city’s tourist spots is challenging, and taking public transport may cause visitors to miss out on important landscapes or sights. Bicycling in Lisbon is thus a wonderful way to thoroughly immerse oneself in the city. However, it is important to emphasise that Lisbon is not a sea-level city. It has various hills, as well as ups and downs. As a result, taking tours may be the best option to enhance your leisure time.

Renting e-bikes in Lisbon is simple and affordable; simply download the app. Gira, in particular, is popular in Lisbon. There are plenty of regular bike and e-bike racks located around the city. Although Gira bikes are more popular among locals, visitors can purchase daily tickets for 10 euros. These tickets are only valid for 45-minute journeys, and they charge extra for longer trips. Don’t worry, there is another option if Gira isn’t to your liking. Bolt, among many others, may be found in Lisbon.

Rent a Car To Travel The Rural Areas

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Consider your options when travelling to the beautiful towns and nature areas around the city, because it is definitely more convenient with a car. You will not miss out on spectacular views. You wouldn’t have to worry about the hassle of rural public transport, missing your stop(s) and less flexibility, with your own rental you could stop whenever, wherever! The car rental requirements of Portugal are the same as in most Western European countries. Head to the link below to get an extensive guideline on renting a car in Lisbon.

Internet Data Roaming is A Must-Have!

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Most important of all when it comes to travelling is the internet. Especially if you are visiting from outside of Europe. There are plenty of local SIM cards to receive the best and most affordable packages. We recommend Vodafone! They have a specific SIM card for travellers that are looking to stay for a month or more. This SIM card is ready to use and gives you access to national and international communications and a data plan for a 30-day period, with not contract! You can also purchase their SIM card during your arrival at their kiosk in the airport.

Enjoy every minute and experience as much as you can Lisbon is truly a city of wonder.

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