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Lisbeyond’s Property Onboarding Unwrapped

Property onboarding is a big deal for Lisbeyond. This is the moment when we spruce up each property and get it ready to roll out the welcome mat for guests. After all, first impressions matter – they’re what lure in potential tenants and make Lisbeyond their top pick.

In the following sections, we’ll break down Lisbeyond’s property integration process in detail. We’ll see how each step plays a crucial role in making the integration process smooth and efficient, from digging up property info and documents to setting up systems and getting owners and staff up to speed.

1. Collecting Property Information and Documentation

First things first, we gather all the important info and documents about the property. That includes where it’s located, what it looks like, what kind of amenities it has and any other details that would entice potential guests. Our team works closely with property owners to make sure we’ve got everything right, even getting our hands on all legal documents like leases and licenses to keep everything by the book.

2. Property Check-ups and Grading

Once we’ve got the info, it’s time for a property check-up. We send in the experts to make sure the property meets our quality and safety standards. They’re looking at the condition, checking if all the amenities work and giving the place a good scrub. If they find any issues, we team up with property owners to fix them up before welcoming guests.

3. Crafting Listings and Marketing Materials

Now it’s time to make the property shine in the online world. We work side by side with property owners to create listings that tell the property’s story, making it sound like the dream stay. We also make sure those listings are friendly with search engines. And for that added touch of distinction, we team up with professional photographers to make the property look fantastic.

4. Getting all the Platforms in Place

Next on the agenda is setting up all the technical aspects of the onboarding process. We set up the property on various online booking systems so guests can easily check if the property’s available and make reservations with ease. We also throw in property management software so owners can keep tabs on reservations, manage calendars and keep an eye on their property’s revenue.

5. Training Owners and Team on the Ropes

We’re all about making sure everyone knows the drill. We offer top-to-bottom training for property owners and our teams – Operations, Quality, Revenue and more. We guide them on handling bookings, managing guests, taking care of the property and making sure guests have a great time. This training is tailor-made for each property and is carried out by our in-house teams.

6. Making Life Easy for Owners and Guests

Lastly, we’re here to make sure property owners and guests have a smooth ride. We provide ongoing support for property owners, helping them manage their properties with ease. And when guests roll in, we’ve got their backs too, ready to help them out during their stay. Questions, concerns – we’re here for it all. Plus, we do regular follow-ups to keep the quality bar high.

Property onboarding is a vital process at Lisbeyond. It’s when we ensure that each property is in its best shape to welcome guests, creating those crucial first impressions that entice potential tenants to choose us.

Our commitment doesn’t end with onboarding; we continue to assist property owners and ensure high-quality service for guests. This dedication sets Lisbeyond apart, making us a partner in creating unforgettable guest experiences. Join us on this journey, where each property becomes a welcoming haven for our guests.

LisBeyond is always here to help, and also to answer all your questions, so if you have any ideas on a topic you would like to read, feel free to contact us only a click away.

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