Protecting Your AL Status: A Closer Look at ‘Mais Habitação’ and Lisbeyond’s Flexible Solution

Recent changes under the “Mais Habitação” legislation, starting on October 21st, mean local accommodation (AL) owners need to make some adjustments. The key focus right now is on submitting contribution declarations by December 7th. It’s crucial because not providing enough proof of ongoing activity could lead to your property losing its local accommodation status automatically, decided by the City Council.

Documentation Submission:

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, the requirement is straightforward – upload your personal income tax (IRS) or corporate income tax (IRC) for 2022 via the Balcão do Empreendedor. 

To strengthen your declaration and ensure a smooth process, consider including the following documents:

If you have more than one active license, you must repeat the process for each of the registrations, but you can send the same tax document for all the processes.

Noteworthy statistics from ECO indicate a degree of risk – approximately 75% of active local accommodation licenses in Lisbon and 43% in Porto could be affected. Under the new Mais Habitação rules, canceled licenses face a temporary embargo, restricting revalidation until at least December 31, 2030.

Key Considerations:

  • It’s imperative to submit your declaration by December 7, 2023, whether you aim to maintain your local accommodation or explore other options.
  • Consider the implications – choosing not to register your property as a rental now may impact future registrations in a competitive market.
  • In case the City Council requests additional information via email, respond promptly to ensure a smooth process.

Monetizing with Lisbeyond:

Considering the uncertainties surrounding the maintenance of your property as local accommodation, here’s a reassuring concept!

Lisbeyond introduces a unique midterm option designed for stays lasting from 1 to 12 months, eliminating the need for an AL license. This means, if you have the desire to rent out your property, you can seamlessly proceed without any impediments. This exciting choice not only gives you the flexibility you’re looking for but also assures you that Lisbeyond is here to help you make the most of your property, adjusting and thriving in the face of recent regulatory changes.

As you weigh your options, remember the importance of timely declaration submissions, regardless of whether you intend to maintain your local accommodation or explore alternatives. Failing to register your property as a rental may have implications for future registrations in a competitive market.

LisBeyond is always here to help, and also to answer all your questions, so if you have any ideas on a topic you would like to read, feel free to contact us only a click away.

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