Info & House Details

R. General Humberto Delgado 11, 2ºC1 2825-278 Costa da Caparica

Name: Lisbeyond

Password: ;Lisbeyond2021

 Lisbeyond Team

+351 91 369 8655

Important Notes

. Smoking, parties and animals are not allowed inside the property

. Standard check-out time is until 11 AM and you can expect our cleaning team to arrive by that time

. Please take a PHOTO of where you leave the keys and send it to us

. Kindly make sure the door is closed after you leave* and all lights are off (the environment is grateful 🌎 !)

. If something happens during your stay (such as maintenance needed, for example), please contact us immediately so that we can try and solve it as soon as possible

*If guests lock themselves out of the property OR they do not place keys in the lockbox (If applicable) at checkout, a 50 euros fee will apply.  If a guest loses a set of keys during their stay, an 80 euros fee will apply.

Practical Information

Tips & Reccomendations

Welcome to Costa da Caparica!

The Costa da Caparica is the stunning 26km coastline of glorious sandy beaches, powerful Atlantic waves and beautiful natural scenery, that extends along the western side of the Penísula de Setúbal. On the next pages we will share some of our tips with you to enjoy the time in your neighborhood!

Coffees & Restaurants


Kôa Brunch Cafe

Are you looking for a quick morning bite? You will find Kôa Bruch Café 5 minutes walking from the apartment.

R. João Inácio 22B, 2825-343 Costa da Caparica

Riverview spot

Ponto Final

Ponto Final is one of the most known restaurants in Cacilhas (quite close to Costa da Caparica). You can expect to have a great meal by the river. Also, it is the perfect spot to watch the sunset!

R. do Ginjal 72, 2800-285 Almada

O Nosso prego Costa da Caparica

One of the most famous bites in Portugal is a prego - a steak sandwich. This is a great place to try one!

Av. Gen. Humberto Delgado 9, 2825-280 Costa da Caparica




Obviously, you are in Costa da Caparica to enjoy the beautiful beaches. Go for a nice walk along the boulevard, and relax at the beach.



Although it is not really Sight Seeing, as you are in Portugal, surfing is a sport you should definitely try out. The Lisbeyond team always has classes with the surf school Lisbon Surf & Sup. Several of us go there weekly and can highly recommend their classes! The school is just a few minutes walking from the apartment. Let us know if you want to book a class, we can arrange it for you!

Important Contacts


National Emergency Number

Nearest Hospital – Hospital Garcia de Orta

R. Pedro Álvares Cabral 29, 2825-384 Costa da Caparica

Phone number – +351 21 765 5910

Nearest Firefighters – Bombeiros Voluntários de Cacilhas

R. Eng. Henrique Mêndia 7D, 2825-333 Costa da Caparica

Phone number – +351 21 272 2520

Nearest Pharmacy – Farmácia Holon

Rua General Firmino Miguel, nº3 Torre 2 Piso 7 1600-100, Lisboa

Phone Number – +351 219 666 100

Nearest police station – GNR Costa da Caparica

R. Pedro Álvares Cabral 29, 2825-384 Costa da Caparica

Phone number – +351 21 765 5910

Tourism Office

Phone number – +351 21 290 0071


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