The best coffee in Lisbon

A guide to our favourite coffee shops in town

If you are a bit like me, – and I am assuming you are since you started reading this blog post – a very important part of your day involves coffee. The joy of finding a good coffee spot, with the perfect cappuccino or a good old-fashioned espresso… It can easily serve as the highlight of my morning. Perhaps that sounds weird to many, but I know there are quite some like minded souls around. And this blog post is for you! Below you find a guide to the best coffee shops in Lisbon. 

This cute place does not only serve very good coffee, they also have great breakfast and lunch options. I stumbled upon this spot when we started with our first holiday rental in Lisbon: Casas do Olival, which is located a short walk from there.

Therefore, I can say I have tried and tested the coffee of Mercearia da Mila many, many times. And it has never disappointed. Expect wonderful coffee quality and a warm atmosphere in this neighborhood favourite. 

A bit closer towards Bairro Alto and Chiado, you find Hello Kristof. My first apartment in Lisbon was in Largo do Conde Barão, dangerously close to this café. This resulted in visits to Hello Kristof at least twice a week. And even though I have moved to the other side of the city now, I still love to come back here.

Not only for the perfect coffee (even my Portuguese boyfriend started appreciating cappuccinos due to Hello Kristof, whilst the Portuguese usually tend to stick to their espresso), but also for the lovely staff, huge stack of beautiful magazines and sweet bites.

How is it possible that they have both amazing coffee AND amazing chocolate? Usually a café or shop is known for one specialty product, but Bettina & Niccolò Corallo excels in both. Located in the busy main street of Príncipe Real, this coffee shop should absolutely be on your list. You will smell the delicious aromas already from far away.

The coffee is roasted on their plantations in São Tomé and Príncipe, the same place where the chocolate comes from. And oh that chocolate… you will taste the greatness once they offer you a piece to go along with your coffee (they will). Very. Addictive.

As many visitors in Lisbon tend to head to LX Factory, I could not leave out this coffee shop. It also happens that we have one holiday apartment just around the corner (click here to view the apartment) of this industrial melting pot, hence my discovery of this spot. Wish Slow Coffee House is located on the lively street in LX Factory and has been around for quite some years now.

Around here (Alcântara) there are not many other options for a proper cup of coffee, so Wish Slow Coffee House surely receives the neighborhood price if it is up to me (and did I mention that they also serve typical Dutch ‘poffertjes’?? If you are not aware of what this is, I tell you as a native Dutchie: you have one more reason to go, because it is delicious).

The writing of this blog came about while enjoying a wonderful latte at Curva. A recently opened café in Graça. It is my go-to place around this area. Besides serving great coffee, it has a lot of space to work, chat or chill.

They also have a space in the shop for expositions and some unique local products. It is obvious to see that Curva is a real gain for the east-side area of Lisbon.

Just around the corner of Cais do Sodre & Time Out Market, you find this lovely spot. Café Janis not only has great coffee but also all day breakfast and a perfect vibe in general. I love to come here in the morning, during lunch or late afternoon, whatever the time, the coffee always tastes good. The café has not been around for such a long time yet but it quickly grew out to become a local favourite.

Wherever you will go in Lisbon, you will be sure to find a Copenhagen Coffee Lab nearby. The chain has several coffee shops in the city and all of them are perfect for coffee lovers. It is not the cheapest one on this list, but it could not be left out. The quality of the coffee is very good, they have addictive sweet snacks and all of them have a chill atmosphere.

My favourite coffee shop of Copenhagen Coffee Lab is at Campo de Santa Clara, because the terrace has sun almost the full day. And in my opinion, there is nothing better than enjoying my coffee while sitting in the sun.

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