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Why is Spring The Best Season to Visit Southern Portugal?

Are you visiting Southern Portugal? Specifically, The Algarve?

If you are planning to get away for spring, then the Algarve is the best place to go. The Algarve is currently celebrating the fact that the region is attracting more tourists. Which means the people of the Algarve will greet you with open arms and be eager to meet your touristic needs!

Spring is Without a Doubt The Best Season to Visit Southern Portugal.

The international airport and one of the most distinguished universities in the nation are both located in Faro, the administrative hub of Portugal’s southern the Algarve area. The astonishing variety of wild flowers that bloom there in the spring makes the surroundings much more alluring. There are also several hiking trails that will display a variety of the Algarve’s distinctive flora in all of its beauty.

The Springtime Bloom

Early spring brings longer days and the first blossoms of the season to the hillsides in the region. The month March and May is a great time for leisurely walks. During March there are less crowd and more of a chance to enjoy the lovely weather. Especially during May, it’s a rain-free month and the time to go out and about.

Here are our three best walk and hiking trails recommendation:

Seven Hanging Valley Trail, Lagoa

The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, which is regarded as one of the top hikes not just in Portugal but across all of Europe, is without a doubt one of the most well-known and beautiful the Algarve coastal walks.

This magnificent natural trail is well-marked, simple to follow, and perfect for all ages. It runs from Vale de Centeanes Beach past the well-known Benagil Beach till Marinha Beach.

A functional lighthouse, quiet beaches, stunning sea caves, remarkable rock formations, and an extensive hiking trail may all be found along the cliffs’ meandering boundaries. Not to mention the breathtaking scenery.

picture of the seven hanging valley
picture of carvoeiro walk

Carvoeiro Cliff Walk

From Nossa Senhora da Encarnaço Fort to Algar Seco, the Carvoeiro boardwalk offers a charming clifftop stroll. This is one of the most well-known trails in the Algarve, and it takes place along a wooden path that is raised and skirts the top of the cliffs while providing breathtaking views of the region’s stunning coastline.

A lengthy set of stairs at the end of the boardwalk leads to Algar Seco, a collection of rock formations that were hewn from the limestone bedrock. The limestone pinnacle is the most remarkable, but the highlight is the fabled “A Boneca” (the doll), a cave with two eroding arches that offers phenomenal views of the sea.

Pontal da Carrapateira Trail, Aljezur

Pontal da Carrapateira, one of the most well-known trails in the Algarve, is a circular path that begins in the town of Carrapateira, 110 km from Faro, the Algarve’s city, and leads you through a route full of stunning locations to see and explore.

With a mixture of wooden platforms, gravel slopes, and dunes, Carrapateira is a well-marked route. The remnants of an Islamic seasonal fishermen’s settlement may be seen along the route, along with a number of sites offering breathtaking views of the cliffs and beaches of Bordeira and Amado.

This is a fantastic walk that offers the chance to take in the gorgeous views of the surrounding area and the coast, the luxuriant greenery, and go birdwatching.

For more walk and hike trails you can check it our here, 10 Best Algarve Hiking Trails For Every Type of Adventurer.

picture of carrapateira bridge

The Easter Festivities

In Portugal, a highly religious nation, Easter is a genuine holiday. Processions and religious customs are observed over the full week beginning on Palm Sunday. Easter Sunday is April 9th in 2023, while Palm Sunday is April 2nd.
Easter generally marks the end of the Algarve’s off-season, with the sleepy beach villages beginning to come to life. Easter processions and Liberation Day (April 25th) is when you may see fireworks and parades in some cities, both add excitement!
The Algarve is the ideal location to bring your family for Easter Sunday because it’s undoubtedly a family-oriented holiday. Stores will be closed, you may have to prepare in advance. Although Easter Monday is not a recognised holiday, many people take the day off to spend more time with their families and eat even more delectable fare. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Easter events in the Algarve we recommend:

people carrying a statue

Festa da Mãe Soberana / Feast of the Sovereign Mother – Loulé

Every Easter Sunday, one of the largest processions in the nation takes place. Although it is a wonderful occasion to behold, the Easter procession is a solemn one. The procession even closes with a fireworks spectacular!

It is considered the largest religious manifestation south of the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora de Fátima. On the day when thousands of people flock to the sanctuary to see the Great Feast of the Sovereign Mother.

To know more about the procession click here!

The Big Easter Egg Hunt

Easter offers kids a tonne of fun activities. What child doesn’t like searching for Easter eggs? Easter egg hunts are educational as well as entertaining.

Leave no stone unturned to find all the hidden eggs. The kids won’t want to miss this event, which includes balloon crafting, face painting, games, and a bounce castle to burn off all the chocolate. Easter egg hunts are enjoyable not just for kids but also for their parents.

Together, you can scavenge, make new friends, enjoy the excitement, assist your kids eat the chocolates, and get them sleepy enough to go to bed at night. This allows you to strengthen your relationship with your children.

To know more information of the event click here!

basket full of easter eggs
basket full of easter eggs

Festa das Tochas Floridas / The Flower Torch Festival

On Easter Sunday, in honour of the Resurrected Christ, the ground is covered in flowers and a torch is hoisted as the refrain plays.

“As he stated, he has ascended! Glory be to God in the highest!” This is the shout that reverberates across the flower-covered streets. Beautiful quilts are used to decorate the village and the balconies. This is a day to celebrate!

The Largo de São Sebastião emerges decked out in floral carpets and an Easter Flavours exhibit featuring local suppliers.

The meeting of sounds and flavours takes place in the Main Churchyard in the afternoon, where you can enjoy performances by well-known musicians and shop for local treats. The festival is only celebrated for one day on April 9th, however the decorated streets will remain beautiful!

To know more information about the festival click here!

Have we convinced you to visit Southern Portugal? Planning to visit Algarve? Curious about Aljezur?

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