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Our Concept

At Lisbeyond Capital, we connect investors with prime real estate prospects in Portugal, with a keen focus on the cities of Lisbon and Porto. Distinct from traditional funds, we source interesting, off-market deals for our investors, actively manage the development projects on the ground and offer prime options for strategic planning.

Our Partners


Our partner brings creativity to life, crafting distinctive designs that set spaces apart in Portugal's dynamic real estate landscape.


Associating with a skilled builder guarantees that every Lisbeyond development embodies quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.


Collaborating with a talented agent, we curate unique living experiences that capture the essence of modern luxury in Lisbon and Porto.


We work with an experienced legal team, providing a secure foundation for our investors during their journey with Lisbeyond.

Take a look at our recent projects

Lisbeyond Capital works in the areas of Lisbon and Porto and focuses on the sourcing of ruined buildings to flip into high-end living spaces. See some of the projects we have developed here.

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In collaboration with investors and homeowners, we specialize in the comprehensive development, renovation, and management of real estate projects.

Our commitment is rooted in fostering enduring, transparent, and mutually beneficial partnerships, our goal being to provide holistic real estate solutions, ensuring the highest quality of service delivery to our esteemed partners.

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