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See the unique properties that Lisbeyond manages here. We manage city apartments, luxury villas, guesthouses and beautiful escapes amidst of nature.

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Lisbeyond is proud to be a mid-sized property management company, with no intention to become the biggest in the market. We select our properties with care, and assure our team is ready to deliver quality services in every step of the way.

At Lisbeyond, your success is paramount. Our dedicated team ensures meticulous operations, stringent quality control, strategic revenue optimization, and impactful marketing.

Together, we guarantee a comprehensive approach, placing your success at our core.

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Founded by friends from The Netherlands and Portugal, Lisbeyond started in 2018 as a property management company. Today, our founder led company partners with 100+ property owners and manages around 200 properties in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve.

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Do you want to get inspired about investing in a short- or mid-term rental in Portugal, or read local tips about everything that is there to do when visiting Portugal?



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