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Do you have a property in Porto and need a property manager?

We are here to help! Our local team will provide you with all the guidance and help with putting your property on the market, manage all the bookings, pricing, upkeep and maintenance, and much more.

Our Property Management Services

We specialize in managing Airbnb properties, mid-term rentals and licensed Alojamento Local accommodations, creating exceptional stays for both guests and property owners.

The First Meeting with Manager and Property Owner (Online/Offline)
We schedule a meeting with you beforehand to better understand your expectations and goals. Then, in order to determine whether our programme is ideal for you, we will discuss with you our services, the local laws legislation, the property’s condition, and your interior design requirements. Nevertheless, we’ll also talk about any inquiries you might have for us. Then our close partnership can officially start!

Property Analysis
During this time we can make a full analysis of your properties’ performance. We provide a full report on key opportunities that would improve your property (and provide a discount if these include renovation of construction services, which we can help with). In this way, we prepare your property in the best way for the better times to come.
Alojamento Local Registration
We help you with obtaining your Alojamento local registration. In this way you do not need to worry about putting time into this and we can start renting out your property as soon as possible.

Bed Linen & Towels
We provide comfortable bed linens and towels of the best quality for your property.

Professional Photographer
We have various talented photographers in our network that can provide beautiful pictures of your property. In this way, you are sure your property will stand out on the various booking platforms.
Personal Check-in / Check-out
We prefer check-ins and check-outs to be done in person. In this way, the guest can immediately ask all of his / her questions and we can ensure a warm welcome to your property.

24/7 Support
We provide 24/7 support to our guests, from the moment they book a property until after their check-out. We connect with them via WhatsApp, text, phone or e-mail and help them throughout their whole trip.

Monthly Reporting For Your Property
Every month you will receive an overview of all the bookings of your property of the previous month. In this way, you can easily keep track of the performance of your property.
Collection of Tourist Taxes and Payments
We collect the tourist taxes and payments for the bookings for you. Every month you will receive the revenue made from your property on your bank account.

Cleaning and Laundry Services
A spotless apartment, with fresh towels and bed linen, ready to check-in guests at any hour. This is very important for us. Over the years we have selected the best partners for the cleaning and laundry services of our apartments. And we are happy to say that up until today all our apartments always look impeccable!

Management of Your Property on Airbnb, and Other Platforms
Distribution and management of your property on various booking channels, including Airbnb,, Expedia and the Lisbeyond website.

Revenue Management
We manage the price setting of your property on all the various platforms. We keep track of important holidays, low season, high season and important events that impact the price of your property.

Regular Quality Control checks of Your Property
Both online and offline, we like to keep track of your property. We make visits to your property to check if there are things we could improve. Next to this, we regularly check the guest reviews for feedback that affects your property rating.

Quick Support for Small Repairs & Fixes
Since we have our own handyman, we can respond fast when it comes to small issues in your property. Painting job to do? A leak? Fixing a door? Our handyman can take care of this quickly.

Discount on Handyman & Construction Service for Larger Projects
We provide a discount to our property owners when it comes to larger construction projects or handyman services from Lisbeyond Construçoes.

Porto properties we manage

Porto is a cultural tourism destination for individuals who appreciate a rich history and are wine connoisseurs, foodies, photographers, and art lovers.

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Owner Reviews

Great team with great spirit and excellent customer service. We’ve been with Lisbeyond for 2 years now and it is caring ,fun and useful experience as a partner, guest, and client.
Lisbeyond has managed our properties since 2018, initially in Lisbon and now in Porto as well. They have demonstrated a high level of expertise in managing our properties, with an excellent understanding of the short and medium term rental market and host' needs. Their team is always proactive and available, providing quick responses and solutions to any issues that may arise.

Meet the local Porto team of Lisbeyond!

Get to know some of the faces beyond the Operations in Porto!

Carolina Bessa Gomes de Castro

Hub Manager Porto

Lisbeyond Property Management

Patrícia Gonçalves

Operations Coordinator Porto

Lisbeyond Property Management

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