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Meet our Operations Supervisor – Elisabete

One of Lisbeyond’s greatest assets is our TEAM – Meet our Operations Supervisor, Elisabete. She aims to always provide the best for guests!

We would like to personally show you the behind-the-scenes of #meetlisbeyond from our Instagram, and give you more details on our team members and what is it that they do to make LisBeyond the best each day and provide the best experience for our guests and property owners.

Here you will get to know more about our team members’ responsibilities within the company, their hobbies, their dream travel destination and more fun facts about themselves.

Have a quick read and get to know Elisabete, our Operations Supervisor in Lisbon!

What does Elisabete do?

As an operations supervisor at our LisBeyond office in Lisbon, Elisabete is in charge of coordinating and monitoring the work that goes into ensuring the properties and guests of LisBeyond are well-cared for and that everything runs well.

She ensures that all daily tasks are completed, and if the team encounters any challenges or problems, she motivates them to work on a solution to deliver the highest guest satisfaction possible. Elisabete also helps with the onboarding of all properties within our regions, specifically the Lisbon region, to ensure that they are comfortable, inviting, and in good condition.

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She also ensures that all aspects of the guest experience with LisBeyond are thoroughly managed from start to finish. She collaborates closely with the quality control department ensuring that the homes that LisBeyond manages are sufficiently equipped with anything a guest might need during their stay. Elisabete prioritises communication and checking in on guests ahead of their visit to guarantee that the guests’ expectations are fulfilled and that their needs are being met.

Fun Facts about Elisabete?

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Hometown 🏡

She is originally from Fernão Ferro, located in Seixal in the district of Setúbal, Portugal. It is part of the Lisbon metropolitan area 25km from central Lisbon. Seixal in particular is surrounded by a lush landscape, with charming black sand beaches, and countryside scenery.

Experience the cobbled street of Seixal’s lovely lower town, which overlooks a stunning coastline bordered by rugged mountains. Spend the day discovering this charming town, which features classic homes, a beautiful shoreline, and rural surroundings.

Hobbies 🧡

Elisabete’s favourite thing to do during her days off is to curl up in a book or stimulate her brain by challenging herself to some puzzling, her favourite puzzle to do are the paintings of the extraordinary ‘Vincent van Gogh’, especially the sunflower painting.

Elisabete was once a tour guide and that helped her increase her love for history. She prefers to read books that are based on historical times, books that has drama and romance with a twist of the middle ages.

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However, when asked to suggest a book that everyone should read at least once, is none other than “The Other Einstein”, by Marie Benedict. Which tells a story about Einstein’s wife, a bright physicist in her own right whose contribution to the special theory of relativity is widely discussed.

Elisabete really loves the moral of the story because no matter how great you are in life there’s always something or in this situation someone behind closed doors that is usually the reason for one’s greatness.

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Dream Travel Destination


Elisabete has always been fascinated with Peru, related to her previous experience as a tour guide she came across Peru and her findings are definitely the reason why Peru is her dream travel destination!

She explains it as a country that had one of the most unique histories in the world. Europe is completely different to the South Americas, they just have their own unique wonders of the world that are unlike Europe.

Elisabete is in awe of the Machu Picchu civilisation, and how fascinating the architecture, culture, and traditions Peru has to offer.

Favourite Place in Portugal ✨

Elisabete’s favourite place in Portugal is very tricky, and in the end, she couldn’t decide. It’s because she finds the whole country beautiful, how can she not? It’s her home and plus Portugal just has so many hidden gems.

She really enjoys passing by on the weekends to Porto, and the Douro region whenever she can. She loves the area! What’s even better is that you can even go on a day trip to Douro Valley from Porto.

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Douro Valley is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. It has stunning landscapes of green and golden slopes covered with vineyards and wine estates spreading along the riverbanks, and it is the birthplace of the well-known Port wine. The Douro river itself is a sight to see with so many water activities you can do.

We Also Would Like To Give A Special Thanks To Elisabete For Her 1 Year Anniversary With LisBeyond, To Many More Years Ahead Together!

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