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Meet our Quality Controller – Filipa

At Lisbeyond, one of our greatest assets is our team! That is why we would like to tell you a bit more about what everyone does. In this post you will meet Filipa, our Quality Controller! Read below three questions to Filipa, to learn more about her and her role at Lisbeyond.

What do you do as a Quality Controller, Filipa?

The name says it all. My role as a Quality Controller is to make sure that all Lisbeyond accommodations are in their best state and fully ready to satisfy all the needs of our guests!

How does this benefit the Lisbeyond Properties?

I believe it helps a lot if one person is dedicated to assuring that the good conditions of each property are guaranteed. And if some kind of intervention is needed, it will be done in a fast and effective way.

It is my responsibility that the team gets familiar with the aspects of each Lisbeyond property, and that regular visits are made for quality control.

Making sure that the property has everything as according to the inventory, that all the machines are working well, the cleaning is at its best standards, and much more.

In more simple terms, what will you do on a day-to-day basis?

I will be on the move a lot, my daily tasks consist of:

  • Visiting properties after the cleanings are done;
  • Refill amenities (coffee, tea, dishwasher soap etc.), as well to check the stock;
  • Check the cleaning status and report to the cleaning team in case of any issues;
  • Check up on the inventory of the properties;
  • Check AL kits + fire extinguishers and their maintenance;
  • Check maintenance needs and report to the maintenance team

Thank you for your input, Filipa. We are happy to have you on our team =)!

LisBeyond is always here to help, and also to answer all your questions, so if you have any ideas on a topic you would like to read, feel free to contact us only a click away.

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